“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”


Gov. Scott Walker transferred $40,000 from his campaign account to his legal defense fund on the last day of 2012, according to his latest finance report.

The transfer to the Scott Walker Trust raises new questions about the status of the long-running John Doe investigation in Milwaukee that has ensnared former aides from the guv’s days as county exec.


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4 thoughts on ““Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”

  1. Information like this is not available to a guy on the street like me. Uncovering and reporting this type of information is one of the reasons your blog is so popular, Zach. When you get elected to public office, I hope others will take up the challenge to report such matters on a timely schedule.

    Thanks, and have you ever thought about writing a book on blogging?

  2. ‘Bout time folks started “catchin’ up” to the sleezy politics de Gov has been shovelin’ out for months and months now… Consider the $5,000 er, “campaign contribution” to the Govs’ campaign by the “Dishonorable ” Carpet-Baggin'” charlatan JUDGE MICHAEL GABELMAN… Yep, just a few days after this corpulent liar and incompetent “Boss HOG” donated five grand to the Govs campaign, JUDGE HOGWASH got his appointment to the Highest Court in Wisconsin!!! Yep, the same Dishonorable Judge “Fable-Man”… who took a mans son from him and turned him over to a woman with over 35 arrests!! A convicted felon who had already lost a child in Montana to child abuse and neglect charges… an admitted meth-amphetamine addict and alcoholic… Yep, knowin’ all this… Judge “Porkula” ordered that the child not only be turned over to this walking time bomb… but then denied all visitation for the father!!! Oh, and yeah, the father??? No criminal record at all… NONE… in fact, he was a foster parent for 35 years!!! Quite a record Judge Pot Gut has goin’ for himself… lies, on top of lies… and, when he’s caught???? Well, he’ll just have to hire some more attorneys to keep his fat butt out of the political quagmire he deserves… and hey, let’s just charge the tax payers of Wisconsin to protect his lyin’ cheatin’ nefarious doins’, eh???? But hey, in Burnett County, with the “tribal influence” goin’ on there, well, I wonder why Judge “Hog wallow” would do such things, eh??? Remember folks, “Tyranny reigns when good men do nothing”…. Further, your affiant sayeth not….

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