Whither MKE Cnty: Who Is The Defensive Captain At The County Board?

One of the things that has surprised me about Representative Sanfelippo’s and County Executive Abele’s attack on the status of the Milwaukee County Board, has been the almost total blackout on comments from current board members. Other than a few comments or memos from County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic, it’s been very quiet at the county courthouse.

But after reading today’s profile in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee business icon, Sheldon Lubar, it became apparent to me what is going on (I may have more to say about Mr. Lubar later).

So let’s follow the breadcrumbs:

Chair Dimitrijevic at one point states that the board has never been more unified.

When freshman County Supervisor Deanna Alexander wanted to hold a town hall meeting to discuss reforms for Milwaukee County government, she met with County Supervisor John Weishan and felt bullied in his efforts to dissuade her from holding the meeting. She did in fact hold it as scheduled.

And then in today’s Lubar article, Sup. Weishan is quoted

County Supervisor John Weishan Jr. says Lubar and other critics of the board “formulate their opinions in a vacuum and deal more with mythology and anecdotal evidence rather than reality and facts.

So has Supervisor Weishan become the go to guy in defense of the county board against the outside threats to blow up Milwaukee County government?


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1 thought on “Whither MKE Cnty: Who Is The Defensive Captain At The County Board?

  1. This assumes that the JS would print and/or give fair hearing to voices opposing the county takeover by Lubar, Selig, et al and the rest GMC cabal. County supervisors, community leaders, etc that oppose the evisceration of democracy, representation, and accountability are not going to get page-space with the JS, either in the “news” or editorial sections.

    All this focus by the alleged job creators of the Milwaukee area (I hesitate to say Milwaukee ‘county’ because some of them are not exactly residents) on getting rid of opposition to Abele and the GMC for which he carries water, while Milwaukee suffers a good jobs crisis begat by years of policies single-mindedly focused on coddling these very same non-job-creators.

    Not a word from the JS on all the jobs killed by the elites of the Milwaukee area while giving them free reign to much about in our democracy. Sorry, but after decades of journalistic failure by the JS, let’s not give the media record of note too much credit.

    Voices of opposition are out there. Many are speaking. But the JS is not reporting.

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