Aide to State Rep. Hulsey reassigned


After spending much of the fall explaining why he pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, Wisconsin Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) appears to be in the middle of more turmoil.

His full-time legislative aide took vacation and is being reassigned to another job following an incident where she felt threatened by Hulsey’s plan to use a box cutter to show her how to defend herself.

Emails obtained by Isthmus through open records requests also indicate that Hulsey wanted to bring a gun into the Assembly chambers during floor debate in January without a concealed carry permit.

Hulsey’s aide, Terry Zimmerman, said in a Feb. 11 memo to Mitch Steingraeber of the state Capitol police that “Officer Scott Merdler assisted me with preventing Brett from doing so and continued to monitor the situation.”

No doubt we can expect to see Brett Hulsey “reassigned” to another job in 2014, because this isn’t the first odd story related to his behavior.


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