Former Madison school board candidate ran knowing she might need to drop out

This is bizarre….

The top vote-getter in Tuesday’s Madison School Board primary said Friday she ran for the seat knowing she might not be able to serve out her term because her husband was applying for graduate school in other states.

Despite Manski’s decision to drop out of her race, her name will remain on the April 2 ballot, meaning it’s entirely possible voters in Madison could elect a candidate who has no intention of serving.

Voters in Madison deserve better – they deserve an election that offers them a real choice.


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3 thoughts on “Former Madison school board candidate ran knowing she might need to drop out

  1. Guys,

    Not so bizarre.

    I am fortunate to have met a lot of people in Dane County who have dedicated their lives to social justice, for no other reason than making our community a safer, more just corner of the world.

    None more so than the Manski family.

    That Ben is furthering his studies is America’s gain. I exaggerate not.

    When people as immensely talanted and committed as Sarah and Ben Manski run for office, there is always the possbility that opportunities will present themselves.

    Life happens; and brilliant, passionate people sometimes have to take seize opportunity when it comes.

    If you can think of any family that has given more to this community, I would be proud to meet them.

    I say: Best of luck, Sarah and Ben.

    Hope you take care of yourselves and your family with the same sense of selfless sacrifice that you have shown Wisconsin and indeed our country.

    Most Sincerely,

    Mike Leon

    1. The Manskis are all about themselves, this is no surprise.

      While I hate Blaska, I kind of hope his idea (elect her anyway) happens. Get this well recorded online, so any future voters know how they behave.

      She played a lot of people here. Are people happy she deligitimized the process? That choices to guide our schools are less because of her selfish acts here?

  2. Sorry, Mike Leon, but you’re just wrong here. Whatever good acts the Manski’s performed and the goodwill they earned, it was undone by committing such a selfish act. She betrayed her supporters and a fair election. She had a choice: either run for public office or keep the family together as her husband moved for his education. Even though neither was a given, knew she couldn’t do both. When she stayed in the election through the primary, she committed to that; she should have told her husband the move was off. Her selfishness denied another candidate a spot on the April ballot. Unforgivable. Progressives and supporters of democracy? I think not, shame on them for what they’ve done to our precious local elections.

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