OUR Milwaukee County: County Board’s Press Release on the First Listening Session:

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors


Supervisors Pleased with Response to First “OUR” Milwaukee County Session

(MILWAUKEE, WI) – (March 13, 2013) – More than 100 residents turned out for an OUR Milwaukee County session Tuesday night, with a resounding majority saying that they did not want to see any change at all to the County Board, and if there is to be change, that it be implemented locally, not on the state level.

Milwaukee County Board Supervisors said that they were pleased with the level of public participation at the first “OUR” Milwaukee County session hosted by Supervisor Jason Haas and held at the Wilson Park Senior Center.

“Last night’s turnout showed that people are really concerned and, in many cases, passionate about County government,” said County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitijevic. “The message was clear: The overwhelming majority of those at the session want to see improvements in county government, but they want it generated on the local level, not imposed at the state level.

“These OUR Milwaukee County sessions represent an inclusive process designed to get local input on County government reform, in contrast to the closed process on the legislative track in Madison. So far those in Madison pushing a bill to reform Milwaukee County government have yet to commit to public hearings in Milwaukee County.”

Haas said that the County Board is the branch of government closest to the people, and that the Board is committed to these public sessions to get residents’ input on improvements.

“I heard the residents loud and clear,” Haas said. “Many of them don’t want change. But they believe that they should be a part of creating any changes that take place. They don’t want Madison telling Milwaukee County how it should be governed. We on the board are committed to improvement, and I appreciate the input from the public on this issue.
“We encourage more citizen participation at the upcoming meetings”

Last night’s listening session was the first in the OUR (Outreach for United Reform) Milwaukee County series where Supervisors are seeking direct citizen input to discuss county governance, service consolidation, mental health, and funding for transit, parks and cultural assets.

The next meeting is at 6:30 Thursday at the Wauwatosa Public Library Firefly Room.


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