OUR Milwaukee County: Second Listening Session

The second listening session for the Milwaukee County Board OUR Milwaukee County initiative was held in the 6th District (which covers much of Wauwatosa) this past Thursday night and was hosted by County Supervisor Jim Luigi Schmitt. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel finally found the time to cover these listening sessions and you can catch Steve Schutlze’s coverage here! My estimate of attendance at this meeting is between 85 – 90 although I got there a bit late and couldn’t sit totally in the back row as I would have preferred. And I will take some exception to his count on speakers…I have a total of 26 speakers but I lost track of the supporters of the board vs. the supporters of Representative Joe Sanfelippo’s legislation to micro-manage the make up of the board. Anyway I had 16 in favor and 3 against and 4 without an apparent position…and apparently I missed scoring a couple.

This meeting avoided any discussion of our supposed sheriff. But there were far more speakers with concerns about the future of the county mental health programs and the citizens who rely on them for care.

Elected officials on hand again included Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic, County Supervisor John Weishan Jr (16th District) and State Representatives Joe Sanfelippo plus State Rep. Fred Kessler (who was the last speaker of the night).

I still owe those of you interested in county government a few of the quotes and they are coming…sometimes real life intrudes a bit.

But again I took away the concern voiced by a number of the speakers that they don’t understand the role of county government and don’t understand what our county supervisors do for us! Now isn’t the time for the county board to ignore this issue…for the moment the momentum is in your opponents court.

A couple of brief summations from the evenings speakers:

The county board works at the level of the community

The board should show leadership and put proposals on the table…they seem to be working in a vacuum


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