OUR Milwaukee County: Supervisor Deanna Alexanders Listening Session

I would like to thank the friends of Blogging Blue, Cory Liebmann and Matthew Finnell for both forwarding the link to this video from Wisconsin Jobs Now from the OUR Milwaukee County listening session held recently by County Supervisor Deanna Alexander. Now the video is heavily edited reducing what was probably an hour or ninety minute meeting down to under six minutes.

And this meeting was far more vocal and more antagonistic than the two that I attended. This might partly be because both Supervisor Haas and Supervisor Schmitt used a facilitator to run their meetings and moderate the speakers. From the video it seems as if Supervisor Alexander wasn’t able to control the meeting quite as effectively.

Representative Joe Sanfelippo attended the two other sessions that I attended and although he talked with constituents afterward much like the conversations shown here, he didn’t actually address the sessions…and that may have brought out he worst in the audience here…he is after all, as the author of the bill AB 85, the target of most of the hostility.

The video does bear out what I found at the previous two sessions…the house looks nearly full…and county residents are upset and passionate about defending county government. I just wish I could have been there…and that we had more video…and the crowd could have been more civil.

And I am surprised that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel didn’t have a front page article about how disrespectfully Rep Sanfelippo was treated…or maybe not! LOL!


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