OUR Milwaukee County: Where Are The Next Listening Sessions?

Here is an excerpt for the February 8th Milwaukee County Board press release announcing the OUR Milwaukee County initiative:

“We are delivering on the promise of government reform discussion that is local and inclusive,” said Chairwoman Dimitrijevic. “We are eager to listen to our constituents – the people who live throughout Milwaukee County – to hear their ideas for efficiency and effectiveness.”

The initiative, which includes a consistent agenda designed to spark discussion and debate, is set to include a series of town hall meetings in all 18 Supervisory districts throughout the months of February and March as well as a nighttime public hearing in March.

I am only aware of four listening sessions so far and tomorrow is the last day of March 2013. There were rumors of one more and Supervisor Taylor has been heard to say he wasn’t going to hold one since he knows how his constituents feel…but I think we are owed 13 more listening sessions…or better yet a county convention!


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2 thoughts on “OUR Milwaukee County: Where Are The Next Listening Sessions?

  1. Here’s what I know…

    April 4th – Jursik
    April 18th – Bowen & Stamper (jointly)
    April 16th (potentially) – Johnson

    Sort of difficult to have a real local conversation about the future of the County when Rep. Sanfelippo seems hell-bent on doing this to us, evidenced by the April 10th Assembly committee hearing on the county takeover bill, followed by an April 11th Executive Session of that committee to move the bill out to the floor.

    For what it’s worth: No Milwaukee hearing by either house of the legislature on the Sanfelippo bill. Pretty outrageous.

  2. thanks!! And I find it interesting that after sitting quietly through the first two listening sessions, that Rep Sanfelippo now is actively participating in the meetings.

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