1 thought on “President Obama: We Have Not Forgotten What Happened in Newtown

  1. The people have not forgotten, but what about our Members of Congress from Wisconsin?

    Senator Ron Johnson
    ” Tammy Baldwin
    Representative Paul Ryan
    ” Mark Pocan
    ” Ron Kind
    ” Gwen Moore
    ” F.James Sensenbrenner Jr.
    ” Tom Petri
    ” Sean Duffy
    ” Reid Ribble

    For phone, fax, or contact form, see: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/cgi-bin/newseek.cgi?site=ctc2011&state=wi

    As our representatives, they will be held accountable in perpetuity

    Now is the time to ask if they have forgotten Newtown with its infanticide of 20 children and murder of six adults trying to protect the little ones.

    As our representatives, they will be remembered and held accountable in perpetuity if they do not act to help prevent such future evil acts.

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