Three voucher schools get state money after losing accreditation

But clearly voucher schools are the answer to all that ails our state’s education system!

Three private schools in Milwaukee continued to receive taxpayer money through the voucher program after losing their accreditation, under a loophole in state law that requires such schools to obtain that official approval but not maintain it.

Reports and records from the state Department of Public Instruction show that Dr. Brenda Noach Choice School, Texas Bufkin Christian Academy and Washington DuBois Christian Leadership Academy have accreditation that has either lapsed or been rescinded.

But on Wednesday, the head of the agency that rescinded its approval of Brenda Noach and Washington DuBois said that both of those schools have now been reinstated.


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3 thoughts on “Three voucher schools get state money after losing accreditation

  1. There may be some noteworthy voucher supported schools somewhere, but the basic concept is evil and anti-democratic because it seeks to undermine the public school system and any direct public influence over administration and curriculum. It is tax payer support for profit based companies. Same goes for prison outsourcing.

    1. So instead you continue to defend an inadequate public school system? If you don’t like voucher schools, fine. But then I wish I would hear other innovate ideas rather than pretending the current system is just fine. Something other than the tired “we need more money” — because the reality is that comparatively we spend a lot of money and get little results. It would be nice if “every kid deserves a great school” meant more than just a snappy slogan.

  2. We can’t continue to have two public k12 education systems funded by the taxpayer with separate rules and accountability.

    As long as we have a biased Republican control at the state level partial to privatization and no local oversight or control of voucher schools, our traditional K12 system will be short-changed financially and over regulated. The early warning signs under Walker have begun.

    “For-profit” K-12 schools and education systems(voucher) will always focus on a return on investment to the detriment, sooner or later, of the student and the state.

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