Whither MKE County: Open Letter to Hold AB 85 Hearings In MKE County

March 25th, 2013

State Rep. Tyler August, Chair

Assembly Committee on Government Operations

Room 119 West, State Capitol

Chairman August:

We write to you regarding Assembly Bill 85, which deals specifically and solely with the structure of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. AB 85 is sweeping in its scope, proposing very serious measures that would profoundly change the shape and role of the Board in Milwaukee County government.

In light of this specific, sole focus and the seriousness of the proposed changes, we believe that the public review process for AB 85 should be made easily accessible to all residents of Milwaukee County. We therefore respectfully request that you hold a public hearing on AB 85 in Milwaukee County itself. A bill that will impact local control in only one place should be reviewed, at least in part, in the locale where the impact of the legislation will be felt.

What is more, a Milwaukee hearing would allow County residents to give comments and suggestions in a timelier manner so the committee members could consider them before voting. This would make the process on this bill much fairer, since the executive session on AB 85 has been scheduled for April 11th, only one day after the Madison public hearing on April 10th.

We would be glad to assist in finding an accessible site for a hearing if that would be of help to your office.


State Rep. Brett Hulsey State Rep. Christine Sinicki

State Rep. Janis Ringhand


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