90 more jobs leaving Wisconsin

Looks like 90 more jobs are leaving Wisconsin.

C&D Technologies will eliminate 90 jobs at its factory in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood between late June and the end of the year, as the company completes the shift of a battery production line to Mexico.

The cuts were first announced in late 2011 and detailed more fully in early 2012.

Apparently the folks at C&D Technologies haven’t heard that Wisconsin is “Open for Business.”


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1 thought on “90 more jobs leaving Wisconsin

  1. And don’t forget 52 jobs at Foremost Dairies at a plant closing in my town, Alma Center (Population 505), plus 50 layoffs at the Waumandee plant for a grand total of…drum roll please…102 jobs lost in rural and small town Wisconsin. Ouch!


    Golly, why aren’t all of Walker’s tax cuts and favorable business incentives working to make jobs rather than losing them?

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