Chris Moews criticizes David Clarke’s response to Boston bomb attack

On Wednesday Lt. Chris Moews, a candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff in the 2014 election, issued a press release criticizing Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s response to the Boston bomb attack this week.

“As a law enforcement officer and a detective who works every day to both solve and prevent crime on Milwaukee’s streets, I was appalled to see Sheriff Clarke’s premature statement yesterday, just 24 hours after the horrific bombing in Boston, referring to that crime as an ‘intelligence failure,’” said Lt. Chris Moews. “How could he possibly know that? This is a time to let the FBI, Boston PD, the ATF and the other agencies involved do their job to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice, and focus on caring for the victims and preventing another attack.

“Those law enforcement officers are already seeing a real, evidence-based strategy bear fruit,” said Lt. Moews. “Real law enforcement leaders don’t make inflammatory remarks about an event like this without having all the information — we wait for some real data, and some real evidence.

“If there was an intelligence failure, we’ll find out, and we’ll respond, as a united nation against violent crime and terror,” continued Lt. Moews. “But as we don’t have a full idea what happened, to call it a ‘catastrophic intelligence failure’ on the first day of the investigation is just another example of why most law enforcement professionals are concerned about Clarke’s ability to lead the Sheriff’s department.”

Moews, a life-long resident of Milwaukee County and a Lieutenant in the Milwaukee Police Department, challenged Sheriff Clarke in the Democratic Primary in 2010 and will run again in 2014.


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  1. Judging from information we now have, it is obvious it was an intelligence failure. The older brother did visit Russia for 6 months, despite his father’s denial. The brothers were Muslim and influenced by “foreign students with a lot of money.” Social media quoted them as saying they “didn’t understand American youth,” and had no American friends. They went out and purchased items known to be useful in building bombs. They had all kinds of deadly weapons. This was a failure in intelligence! The bombing might have been prevented just with stronger background checks when buying weapons.

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