Four County Supervisors calls for Marina Dimitrijevic’s resignation

According to a report by Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, four County Supervisors – Mark Borkowski, Steve Taylor, Deanna Alexander and John Weishan – have called on their fellow supervisors to join them in calling for County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic to step down as Board Chair, or if she refuses, to start the process for removing her.

“After a series of political blunders and incredible embarrassment to the entire Milwaukee County Board we ask that you join us to ask for the resignation of Marina Dimitrijevic as chair,” said the document obtained by No Quarter.

“If that doesn’t take place we ask you to join us in the process of that removal. Please let us know of your commitment by noon on Monday, April 29, 2013.”

While I’m certainly not surprised to see Mark Borkowski, Steve Taylor, and Deanna Alexander among those calling for Dimitrijevic to step down, I am a little surprised to see John Weishan’s name on that list. Then again, I suppose politics does make for strange bedfellows, and it’s likely Weishan wants Dimitrijevic’s job for himself.


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5 thoughts on “Four County Supervisors calls for Marina Dimitrijevic’s resignation

  1. Since this first came up (at least for the first time in public discourse) at the beginning of the year, multiple sets of strange bedfellows have become visible and many mistakes have been made. The actions of everyone involved have been motivated by some combination of political principles and personal feelings toward individuals and/or groups. A solution could have and should have been negotiated to avoid the huge mess we’re in today. At this point I don’t see how a resolution that will benefit the majority of Milwaukee County residents can be achieved.

  2. Four more Circusmaster wanna-be’s. Shut up, sit down and get to work. Politics in ths state have been bouncing off the bottom of the slop trough for some time now. To those who are paid to do the people’s business, nock it off! All of you are acting like a bunch of pre-schoolers throwing sand at each other before nap time.

  3. I’m confused — the conservative members (and Weishan) are calling for her ouster, after she negotiated, and they passed, a revamp of the board that is very similar to what their fellow conservatives in the state legislature were pushing for. Aren’t they happy about that?

    1. Actually three of these four (Borkowski was the odd man out) voted against the county board’s reform bill. I found it a bit surprising that Sup. Weishan was in this gang of four…obviously he’d love to be board chair…but I thought he was playing the enforcer for the progressive wing of the board before now…I guess I was wrong.

  4. I see nothing wrong with talking to a Union about reestablishing collective bargaining. That’s what legislators do. When something is hidden or obfuscated then something valid becomes tainted. So, if Wisconsin Republicans are adamant about destroying public education, it follows that they will jump at the chance to sully a competitor to take the high moral ground.

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