In which Randy Hollenbeck calls a constituent a liar and then tells a big fat lie

He hasn’t even taken office yet, and already Cudahy alderman-elect Randy Hollenbeck has shown that’s he’s going to be a new kind of politician….the kind who calls his constituents liars if he doesn’t like what they have to say, only to turn around and tell a lie himself.

Here’s a screen capture…Randy’s assertion that his constituent is a liar is in his last comment.


Here’s the text of Randy’s reply to constituent Douglas Wruck, who expressed concern about Hollenbeck’s style of campaigning, which involved very little actual interaction with the citizens he wanted to represent, instead focusing on handing out literature (emphasis added).

Let me inform you and correct you – I put a TT for Talked To or a DO for Drop Off on all the houses I did and I circled back to the ones my wife did to personally talk to those people. According to my notes your house had a Zach sign in front of which means I didn’t drop off my second piece of literature to your house. There were only a few that had Zach signs that received it and yours was not one of them. As not to anger people with the Zach signs, they only got my first one and the mailer. And only I did the second one. You might have seen me dropping off it, but I didn’t come to your door, sorry man. So your recollection of me dropping it off is wrong, just as your wife’s recollection that my wife shoved the first literature in her face. So saying you are telling everyone that is the truth and not doing so is a lie.

For the record, the house in question absolutely DID NOT have one of my yard signs in front of it at any point during the campaign, which means that Randy is either telling a big fat lie or he takes incredibly inaccurate notes. If it’s an issue of poor note-taking on Hollenbeck’s part, residents of Cudahy’s third aldermanic district should be worried, because aldermen need to deal with complex issues that require a fair amount of attention to detail, and someone who can’t take basic notes about yard signs sure doesn’t instill confidence when it comes to far more complex issues.

What’s striking to me about Randy Hollenbeck’s interactions with these two residents that he’ll be representing come April 16 is the fact that he was unwilling (or perhaps unable) to admit he was wrong, going so far as to assert they were lying simply because he couldn’t admit he was wrong.

As time allows, I’ll be chronicling more of Randy Hollenbeck’s lies, because I’m sure there will be more to come.


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6 thoughts on “In which Randy Hollenbeck calls a constituent a liar and then tells a big fat lie

  1. WOW! What can I say except that Hollenbeck’s reply is at least more exciting than the recent reply I received from my Congressman Sean Duffy. All I got was several hundred words that said nothing regarding his support or lack thereof of current gun safety legislation being considered in Congress.

  2. Why doesn’t someone talk the neighbors on each side of the address in question? I certainly know what signs MY neighbors have.

    1. Jim, there’s no need to do that. I know where I put yard signs, and I absolutely didn’t put one in the yard in question. However, I did have one in their neighbor’s yard.

  3. Can we all agree that this whole “sign in the yard thing is a waste of time” and “completely childish”. Property rights are important and I can see why one would feel violated. Its on the same level as Ding Dong Ditch. Seriously? Who gets that angry over signs? Its unfortunate that it has come down to signs in the yard being an issue. You could always build a fence. The last thing we need is more unconstitutional communitarian laws. If they cant beat your logic go for the character. People are sheep and will believe anything they are told. Another way many Democrats & Republicans are a like…:(

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