Support Same Day Registration, Vote YES on Milwaukee Referendum

April 1, 2013

Referendum on same-day registration a chance to make residents’ voices heard!

Joint Statement from members of the Common Council

To see how effective and important same day voter registration is in the City of
Milwaukee, one need only look at the numbers from the November 6, 2012 Presidential

• More than 54,000 people voted in the city using same day voter registration.
• One in five voters cast ballots using same day voter registration.
• The City of Milwaukee had 87% voter participation.

The numbers are impressive and speak for themselves. Data show that same day voter
registration was used by people from all walks of life and across a diverse array of racial
and ethnic categories, and especially by college students and younger voters.

The state of Wisconsin has used same day voter registration for more than 34 years.

However, Assembly Bill 54, which if passed would eliminate same day registration and
limit the hours of in-person early voting, has been introduced in Madison.

To ensure city residents have a chance to weigh in on the issue of same day voter
registration, the Common Council has supported legislation that places a referendum
about same day voter registration on the ballot for tomorrow, April 2. The question on
the referendum will be: “Should the State of Wisconsin continue to permit citizens to
register to vote at the polls on Election Day?”

Let the lawmakers in Madison know what you think about Same Day Voter Registration
on Tuesday, April 2. Let your voice be heard through your vote. See you at the polls.


Ald. Ashanti Hamilton
Ald. Joe Davis, Sr.
Ald. Nik Kovac
Ald. Robert Bauman
Ald. Milele A. Coggs
Ald. Michael J. Murphy
Ald. José G. Pérez
Ald. Tony Zielinski
Ald. Willie L. Hines, Jr.


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