WEDC Pay Ain’t Enough To Keep Talent But Proposed Supervisor Pay Is No Problem!

Last week Zach wrote about Governor Walker’s prominent policy initiative, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and their inability to retain qualified staff…particularly a Chief Financial Officer.

He linked to an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that explained the situation and included this throw away quotation from Rep. Jeff Stone:

Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale), another member of the WEDC board, said the news was unfortunate but understandable. He said it has been difficult to attract the kind of highly skilled financial officer needed for the job, since such candidates can typically earn higher wages in the private sector.

But the Republican powers that be in Madison expect Milwaukee County to attract supervisory candidates that are highly skilled when we cut their salary and remove their benefits? Just sayin’.


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1 thought on “WEDC Pay Ain’t Enough To Keep Talent But Proposed Supervisor Pay Is No Problem!

  1. Consistency of thought, consistency of reasoning, and simple cause-and-effect reasoning have never been strengths of the current crop of Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin, with just a few exceptions. They say whatever they want, regardless of whether it makes sense or matches the reality.

    And the media let them get away with it, just publishing their press releases without noting that the current policy option contradicts what the politician said last month.

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