Newest Gogebic Taconite News Has Me Scratching My Head!

Here are the lead paragraphs from the JSONLINE article about the state’s approval of the Gogebic Taconite’s request to start drilling test sites in Wisconsin for their proposed iron mine:

The state Department of Natural Resources on Thursday approved plans by Gogebic Taconite to sink eight exploratory drill holes on land targeted for a massive iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin.

The company had wanted to drill 13 holes to a depth of about 1,400 feet but amended its application after a site visit by the DNR and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on May 14.

To gain access to five of the 13 sites would have required driving on logging roads, and that could have harmed wetlands. That prompted the DNR to ask the company to provide additional information. Gogebic then decided to reduce the number of drill sites.

So let me get this straight…we are eventually going to allow them to create a mine miles long and a mile wide…one of the biggest open pits in the world…and we rewrote the mining law to allow them to do pretty much whatever they want as far as wetlands are concerned…but they won’t be allowed to damage wetlands in the discovery process? LOL!


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