Oklahoma Tornado Intensity an Incredible EF5

The devastating tornado that struck Oklahoma registered 5 on the the Enhanced Fujita Scale, the strongest intensity rating. The scale runs from E1 (the lowest) to E5 (the highest). Winds for an E5 measure >200 mph. Dopplar radar measured actual wind speed at 318 mph.

The Most Incredible Footage From Oklahoma Tornado (VIDEOS) | TPM LiveWire

From the DHS:

Oklahoma Tornado Response & How to Help | Homeland Security


And now for the reality check:

Reaching the ‘weather weapon’ stage – The Maddow Blog

Isn’t it perfectly obvious that the government has intimidated Galaxy heads Doctor Krupov, Doctor Wu, and Dr. Schneider into surrendering their weather-disaster device? And with the dreaded mad-scientist machine, the government can assume Galaxy’s scheme to establish a New World Order!

We Need Flint!




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7 thoughts on “Oklahoma Tornado Intensity an Incredible EF5

  1. Isn’t is absolutely amazing that any would advertise on a show seriously espousing a “weather weapon” view?

    1. Jimspice,

      Extraordinary indeed. Then again, so was Derek Flint’s dumbfounded realization in In Like Flint (1967): “An ACTOR as president?” Maybe there’s something to Flint movie plots transmutated into political reality…:)

  2. I hope you all seen the dumb ass oklahoma sheriff tonight on CBS news say that we are a free market society. we don’t need shelters at our schools

  3. Mike,

    I did find this:
    It would be just the kind of common sense response that might prompt insensible ire from “free” market extremists.

    Another inexplicable reaction came from Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn. He’s adopted the ‘no disaster relief without corresponding cuts elsewhere” position Conservative extremists clung to after Hurricane Sandy.

    Like the sheriff you mentioned, Coburn’s withholding of disaster relief on ideologically extremist (and ideologically unsound) grounds is clearly not a position in the best interest of his constituents. Coburn’s extremist cohorts seem to have backed away from requiring corresponding cuts. Let’s hope for the people of Moore Congressional extremists don’t flip and flop on that stand.

  4. I kind of caught it while making supper. I did not believe what i was hearing. Thanks

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