Republican legislators behave badly during Dalai Lama’s address to Legislature

Bluecheddar has the lowdown…

While some of us were transfixed, hanging on every word either in person or via Wisconsin Eye, others were less than enthralled. A number of Wisconsin representatives appeared to be asleep or using cell phones.

According to one observer, “the ones who fell asleep (or at least appeared to be asleep) [were] Tranel, Marklein, Pridemore, Tittl, Hutton, Bies, Nass, Tiffany, and Knodl. It was hard to tell with some of them, but Tranel was definitely asleep. Nerison, who sits next to him, shook him awake at one point.”

The sheer hubris and blatant disrespect shown here for a man revered throughout the world is breathtaking. This boorishness reflects poorly on us all. A schoolteacher with a gaggle of children listening to any public figure would not tolerate such behavior.

This—while His Holiness spoke of humility and compassion—was a disgusting display of the exact same contempt these legislators regularly show the people of Wisconsin.

Humility and compassion – two qualities lost on many Republicans serving in our state’s Legislature.


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4 thoughts on “Republican legislators behave badly during Dalai Lama’s address to Legislature

  1. Such a shame not to take advantage of listening to one, if not the, most inspirational man alive. The embodiment of compassion, what the GOP needs to learn most.

  2. This disrespect will not have good results. I was taught that those who are distracted or asleep during thise kinds of teachings do not have the karma to hear them. Sad.

  3. It seems you have stooped to such ridiculous posts of accusations to avoid discussion of real issues that are happening these days. Great lengths must be taken to avoid mentioning all of those scandals piling up: Gosnell, Benghazi, IRS, AP. I would actually like to hear your take. Would it be just “a silly sideshow” or “what difference does it make?”

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