State hires Boston firm to create job database!

I just copied that headline verbatim from jsonline…well except for the exclamation point…that’s mine.

From the short article:

The state agency (Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development), which administers taxpayer-funded job retraining funds, said it expects to award a contract to develop an online database and job matchmaking service to Boston-based Burning Glass Technologies.

The agency’s announcement omitted the value of the contract. Neither did it say when work would begin nor when the new online system was expected to be up and running. Previously, agency officials have said they expect a rudimentary version of the new web-based system up and running by the first quarter of 2014.

Burning Glass was the highest-scoring bidder in the competitive process to collect bids, the agency said.

We have what? 7+ percent unemployment in this state and we couldn’t find a few local IT professionals to develop this under contract? I know more than a few out of work and under-employed programmers. Or we couldn’t find a local IT firm that could do this type of work? Really? We have some pretty good IT talent and mature software vendors in Wisconsin.

And why don’t government agencies ever consider open source or crowd sourced alternatives?

But back to the current issue…the announcement omitted the value of the contract? And Burning Glass was the highest-scoring bidder? What exactly does that mean.

So much for transparency…

I can’t imagine this is going to work out as planned!


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6 thoughts on “State hires Boston firm to create job database!

  1. Thanks Ed.

    Wisconsin tax dollars should, whenever possible, be required to be 100% invested in Wisconsin workers. My fear is that like most software developers, Burning Glass is just a shell for IT workers in India.

    “Internship in Chennai ā€“ Research & Software Development ā€“ Burning Glass Technologies
    About Internship: – Burning Glass is looking for highly talented engineering students to work with their R&D and software engineering teams. Hands on programming knowledge in one or more of C++, Perl, Python, C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server, MySQL, Linux skills and/or project work experience in Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Neural Networks, or other Text Mining and Machine Learning techniques is required.

    Number of Internships: – 2

    Who can apply: – Any graduate or post graduate in Computer Science and Engineering or related fields with course work on one or more of NLP, ML, IR, IE, Data/Web Mining from premier institutes. Candidates should have hands-on programming experience.

    Location: – Chennai, India…

    Among other things, national security means food security, energy security, and IT security. You can’t have that if all your software is written in a foreign country.

    The complete bs is about the “skills gap.” That’s “GOP” for we want to pay workers less.

    Netflix isn’t having any trouble finding quality workers, but they pay a competitive wage. This whole “competition” thing works both ways. Gov. Walker doesn’t like his donors having to compete for labor by actually offering a better wage/benefit package.

    I have no evidence, but Burning Glass could be just an “ALEC” subsidiary. Walker gives them the contract, they kick-back to the wingnuts. Worse, there are all sorts of ways for Burning Glass to integrate WIGOP donor and member lists with their “searches.” It creates the possibility that anyone affiliated with the GOP is suddenly “scoring higher.” Someone should routinely audit these scores.

  2. Great idea to audit the scores, John. Now if only someone could get their hands on them.

  3. Having been raised in Boston and choosing to move to the great state (former great state) of Wisconsin. I have to say for the first time in 30 years I regret my move. I used to live in a state that was progressive. Now I find myself in a state run by a cabal of right wing nuts. A very sad commentary and situation for young professionals. We need them to stay and help return our state to it former status. However I understand the drive to move to greener pastures.

  4. What, Walker hiring programmers from Wisconsin!?! That’d be like the Defense Department recruiting drone pilots from Afghanistan.

    Let’s all pool resources and give a little to return Wisconsin to Progressive leadership in 2014.

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