Thoughts on President Obama’s anti-terrorism speech

On Thursday President Barack Obama gave a speech focused on our nation’s anti-terrorism strategy, and during that speech Obama made it clear his administration will continue to use drone strikes to kill individuals suspected of engaging in or supporting terrorism, even if those suspects happen to be American citizens. Speaking about the assassination of American citizens without the due process rights afforded to them by our nation’s Constitution, Obama said that U.S. citizenship should not “serve as a shield” protecting that person from assassination.

While I certainly support keeping our nation safe from those who’d do us harm, I think the assassination of American citizens without due process is a dangerous precedent, and it certainly could end up being a slippery slope.

In his speech on Thursday, President Obama also promised to close the detainee prison located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but consider me unconvinced, because I’ve heard that before.

Ultimately, the rhetoric in President Obama’s speech may have assuaged some fears about his administration’s overall approach to the war on terror, but I’m not among that crowd. After all, action speaks louder than words.


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  1. Medea Benjamin’s interruption was intended to remind us that President Obama has much more power to solve the Guantanamo problem himself than he or the media pretends he has. Just close Gitmo already, bro!

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