And the kook of the month is……. Michael Schraa!

So, you get yourself elected to the Wisconsin Assembly in 2012. As a freshman legislator you’re just itching to serve your constituents in the 53rd Assembly District, and the people of Wisconsin. What issue will you address with your very first piece of introduced legislation? Health care, education, the struggle Wisconsin’s working families face to make ends meet? Naaaaaah. It’s gotta be guns!

Meet the Firearms Freedom Act, announced recently by Rep Michael Schraa, (R) Oshkosh. Here’s a gem from Schraa’s website:

” State Representative Michael Schraa announced legislation today to protect Wisconsin from unconstitutional gun control measures being pushed on the federal level.  The bill would bar local and state law enforcement officers from assisting in the enforcement of federal measures to ban certain firearms, firearm accessories, magazines, or types of bullets. “

And now a quote!

This bill, the Firearms Freedom Act, sends a simple message to the federal government,” said Schraa (R – Oshkosh).  “Wisconsin will not help you take away our second amendment rights.”

Not crazy enough for you yet? Not to worry, there’s more! Schraa says this is potentially a jobs bill!

This from an article in the Northwestern:

“Down the road, Schraa said, he would like Wisconsin to be seen as a “safe haven” for gun manufacturers and would like to lure some companies from states that are tightening restrictions. In that sense, he said, the legislation could potentially be considered a jobs bill. “

A gun/jobs bill! Brilliant! With his very first piece of legislation Schraa bravely defends our 2nd Amendment rights, strikes a blow to the Obama led One World Order of Muslim/Commie Soros funded, UN orchestrated, Illuminati sponsored, mishmash blah blah blah conspiracy to stash us all in FEMA trailers for an undisclosed purpose, all the while laying the groundwork for an aggressive economic recovery after gun manufacturers flock to Wisconsin in the wake of passage of Schraa’s bill, which he says he looks forward to obtaining bi-partisan support for. Goddamn! Whew!

Memo to Michael Schraa: if you don’t want to be called a kook then don’t talk and act like one.



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7 thoughts on “And the kook of the month is……. Michael Schraa!

  1. Good to be back, Zach.

    I called Schraa’s office yesterday and spoke to an aide about all of this. After a lengthy conversation I asked him if Rep. Schraa had any concerns that legislation like this might reinforce a deeply paranoid and perhaps even dangerous sub-culture bubbling up all over the country. The aide responded defensively that 30 states are considering similar legislation, with eight of them having already passed something.

    Irony is, without a doubt, the dark matter of the universe.

  2. Problem is, Steve, 51% of Wisconsinites will think (I)you the kook. But don’t stop trying. Enjoyed your post.

  3. Steve Carlson’s sub-culture comment should be taken seriously. Tom Clements, head of DOC, Colorado was recently shot at his home upon answering the door to a White Supremacist gun enthusiast. Warden Clements had just been featured in the press for conferencing on gun regulation legislation with the CO governor, John Hickenlooper.

    The nut was cornered and shot later that day by police, but I think the guy was aching for a gun fight.

    1. Is it ever possible for you to provide a cogent and reasoned comment on the topic of the thread, or must you constantly deflect to something else? Seriously?

  4. Rich – FMSN actually does have somewhat of a point this time – it is a question Drum asks in the link provided. Still, it is is a wavering given Steve’s post. More to the point, the parallel be it Drum or FMSN isn’t the most meaningful of parallels.

    FMSN – In answer to your question, I think there is a difference between ignoring a federal law and legislating at the state level to prevent a federal law from being enacted or to pre-empt any federal legislation as is the case here. To what the law pertains, in my view, isn’t so much at issue. The two issues do differ, however, in that one is ostensibly (though incorrectly) a matter of constitutional concern and the sphere of the other is US Code. One is illegal and subject to exception-expansion, the other is legal and subject to exception-restriction. Perhaps that distinction is irrelevant; I suppose that’s debatable. Either way, though, the incessant abuse of “states’ rights’ and “civil liberties” misconstructed and inconsistent with the intent of the Constitution serves only to erode the Constitution itself. Schraa’s malversation is disgraceful. He has brought shame upon this state.

    Steve – Good catch with this one. You are spot on with identifying how Schraa pushes the envelope by making it a jobs bill – straight out of the NRA playbook – and speaks to the reality of 2nd Amendment con artists – it’s not about Constitutional Rights; it’s about gun profiteering and keeping the arms industry afloat.

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