Colorado counties grumble about secession>I say let them go…

It’s an uphill climb that looks Rocky Mountain high, but a collection of independent-thinking counties may mount an effort to secede from the rest of Colorado and form their own new state.

The idea is rooted in the political rift that many Coloradans – especially rural ones – feel with a Denver-based state legislature that has taken a liberal turn in recent years.

Perhaps they’ll name their new country the Republic of Teapartystan, and this can be their flag.


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4 thoughts on “Colorado counties grumble about secession

  1. Of course those counties in North Colorado would never be allowed to secede. They may “think” they have seceded in their twisted point of view, but it won’t happen. The fed will just send in the troops. Could we be headed for a civil war like Syria? Scary thought.

  2. Anyone who has ever taken a road trip from the midwest to the Rockies has traveled through this part of the state. If you’ll recall how it looks (hint: it makes central Illinois look like a rain forest), I think you’ll agree. Let ’em have it.

  3. Funny you should mention this, Zach. I wondered how a state like Colorado could elect a Democratic governor until I visited Denver this weekend and got a chance to meet and chat with Governor John Wright Hickenlooper. His success with Denver–an amazing world class city–obviously got him elected in this state of hard right cowboys. This man is extremely sharp and genuinely cordial. Given half a chance, he could do what Obama initially did in the National Democratic Convention next year.

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