Gwen Moore cashes in on Wall Street connections

Well this is something…

[Gwen] Moore — a Milwaukee Democrat representing Wisconsin’s poorest congressional districtbucked her own party last week by vocally supporting a bill that would help big banks by exempting them from U.S. regulations when they trade derivatives through foreign subsidiaries.

Critics have called the bill the “London Whale Protection Act,” a reference to the J.P. Morgan trader who lost his firm $6.2 billion last year. Opposing the measure were many labor and consumer groups and the Obama administration — in other words, some of Moore’s key allies.

Since January 2011, Rep. Moore has received nearly $135,000 in campaign contributions from financial firms and far less than that from her own constituents.


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3 thoughts on “Gwen Moore cashes in on Wall Street connections

  1. In the last couple of years, I have contacted Congresswoman Gwen Moore’s office several times using e-mail and phone calls to express my concerns on issues. For some issues, I asked for explanation of her position. Getting no response, more contacts were made. Still no response. Have others received the same “service” to constituents?

  2. Milwaukee is sounding a lot like Memphis to me. The “Tennessee Waltz” investigation helped down there. Is there a “Wisconsin Polka?”

  3. I NEVER get a response from the office of Gwen Moore, but nobody has the balls to run against her in a primary. I know other politicians want her job but the Democrats seem to be afraid of rocking the boat. She doesn’t represent the district at all but we aren’t getting anyone better until she retires at this rate

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