Ohio Democrat Nina Turner proposes bill to regulate men’s reproductive health

Well played, State Sen. Nina Turner, well played…

Before getting a prescription for Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs, men would have to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress test and get a notarized affidavit signed by a sexual partner affirming impotency, if state Sen. Nina Turner has her way.

The Cleveland Democrat introduced Senate Bill 307 this week.

A critic of efforts to restrict abortion and contraception for women, Turner says she is concerned about men’s reproductive health. Turner’s bill joins a trend of female lawmakers submitting bills regulating men’s health. Turner said if state policymakers want to legislate women’s health choices through measures such as House Bill 125, known as the “Heartbeat bill,” they should also be able to legislate men’s reproductive health. Ohio anti-abortion advocates say the two can’t be compared.


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8 thoughts on “Ohio Democrat Nina Turner proposes bill to regulate men’s reproductive health

  1. Because legislation is the perfect medium for satire and if we consider it serious lawmaking it is of course a great way to prove the point that government shouldn’t be making medical decisions over Doctors and forcing them on people.

  2. Hey not to downplay this at all, because it’s great, but this is seriously old news — March of last year…

  3. Nina Turner forgot to add that Viagra and other EDS drugs should not be covered by any federal plans and that they should only be covered under an employer’s insurance plan if the man looking to use those drugs shows a notarized statement from his sex partner to his employer proving he’s impotent and a notarized statement from his physician stating that he is healthy enough to take EDS drugs and/or to have sex.

  4. I’m all for abortion and women’s rights. But this isn’t genius nor is it good to just prove a point. Please look at the logic here; this will limit the rights of thousands of men who are AGAINST anti-abortion laws. This is wreckless because it effects more than the politicians restricting women’s rights. Shouldn’t she have worried more about stopping the abortion bill than trying to do exactly what her enemies are doing? Does that not make her no different a bigot from them?!

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