3 thoughts on “Remainders: Sunday random links

  1. I certainly appreciate Bill Maher’s progressive support, but the guy often “overreaches” as PJ puts it. First of all nobody really knows whether Paula Deen is a racist or not, and there has been no evidence at all that Justice Scalia is. Anyone with any real insight into Scalia’s background would think that impossible. Scalia respects his own integrity so much that he never resorts to “Politically Correct” or any other ruse. Whether we like it or not this country was founded for landed, educated gentry. And Scalia simply believes that he has the best grip on the law and is qualified and honor bound to uphold it with minimal deviation.

  2. The integrity of the recall process was totally undermined the day the Scott Walker was not required to spend part of his unlimited contributor donations, allowed during the recall period for the purpose on defending himself by verifying the signatures himself, and those costs were shifted to state taxpayers having to foot that bill.

    The integrity of the process was further eroded by the hiring of recall verification workers under the stipulation that no one who had signed the recall petition could be hired to do the verification work. Essentially one out of ten signatures were disqualified by the time the recall organizer, reported totals were submitted and the final, “official,” tally. I don’t believe the 100K plus difference was an accident.

    My signature as the verifier of a ten name sheet, was good enough to be accepted for nine other signatures on the page, but the tenth signature, my own, on line ten of that same page, immediately above the my signature as verifier was rejected. Small sore spot, I didn’t turn up in searching the data-base for my name as a signer. I didn’t make the black-list as I had hoped.

  3. On usurpation of local control, who had not figured out that smaller government meant small enough to creep into your vagina if you happen to be female, or, to deny your worthiness to vote, or to eat, or to an affordable public education, if you happen to be a victim of Scott Walker’s jobs program.

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