Scott Walker: still a liar!

“Whether you like me or hate me, hopefully everybody respects the fact that I keep my word, and so that’s what we did here.”

So said Republican Gov. Scott Walker, referring to his decision to modify the expansion of the state’s voucher schools program in the state budget to keep it in line with an agreement he had brokered with Republican moderates in the state Senate.

Apparently Walker’s got a selective memory when it comes to telling lies, because he absolutely doesn’t keep his word.


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1 thought on “Scott Walker: still a liar!

  1. Walker’s numerous prevarications brings to mind an apt question by Sir Charles Laughton from the classic movie, “Witness for the Prosecution”: “And are you not in fact a chronic and habitual LIAR?”

    The quote in print above does not do justice to the outrage and derisiveness in the oral expression from the sound clip:

    For personal relief, I suggest you recall this line on future occasions when you cannot avoid listening to walker-talk.

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