Scott Walker’s Wisconsin doesn’t seem “Open for Business”

Yet more bad news when it comes Republican job creation efforts here in Wisconsin…

In the latest economic indicator that casts Wisconsin in a negative light, the Badger State ranks 49th in the nation in the most recent index from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

“Wisconsin clearly is not leading the recovery,” said William Delwiche, an economist in Milwaukee at Robert W. Baird & Co.

The Philadelphia Fed data is from its monthly state-by-state index of leading economic growth indicators, and is meant to predict how the state’s economy will grow in the next six months.

The 50-state Leading Index report for April showed only five states with contraction, assigning Wisconsin an index rank of -0.74%. Wyoming, with a rank of -1.29%, is the only state with a lower index.

“Wisconsin clearly is not leading the recovery” is an understatement, and these latest economic numbers just underscore what a miserable failure Scott Walker’s administration has been when it comes to our state’s economy.


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