Some 2014 gubernatorial speculation

Over at Matt Pommer is speculating that Democratic Rep. Ron Kind may be looking ahead to a run against Gov. Scott Walker in 2014. Pommer cites Kind’s recent statements accusing Gov. Walker of “budgetary and fiscal malpractice” in rejecting addition federal money for health care for Wisconsin’s poor as a possible indicator that Kind may run against Walker in 2014.

While Rep. Kind may indeed run against Walker for governor in 2014, I’m hoping Republican State Sen. Dale Schultz will run, because a Shultz-Walker primary sure would be fun.


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2 thoughts on “Some 2014 gubernatorial speculation

  1. I’m hoping Rep. Kind runs against Ron Johnson; not Scott Walker. I never thought of it before but a Dale Schultz run against Walker would be interesting.

  2. Yes, Ron Kind, my former U.S. representative, who I lost because of GOP gerrymandering, would be a well qualified gubernatorial candidate in education, experience, moderation, ethics, and temperament compared to a college drop out whose ideological zealotry and fealty to Citizen Koch separates him from the masses of humanity.

    As for Ron Johnson’s opponent, I see a rematch with a different outcome.

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