Wisconsin GOP shows off its “diversity”

Take a look at the tremendously “diverse” Republican Party of Wisconsin:

Image courtesy Root River Siren
Image courtesy Root River Siren

The Wisconsin Republican Party is attempting to re-brand itself as a more inclusive entity. They are co-opting traditional Democratic strategies like opening a whole bunch of campaign offices in Wisconsin, voter registration efforts and block captain organizing – we know this from the giant banner on the state website which asks viewers to “BECOME A COMMUNITY CAPTAIN!” sounding suspiciously like the conservative pejorative – community organizer.

The banner has a full color photograph of supposedly other “community captains” who are stunningly handsome. Young, old, white, black, brown and even Asian, all inviting you to join them in the new Republican Party.

The chick/dude in the upper right-hand corner might even be gay. As a liberal, the Siren can honestly say we don’t know this many diverse good-looking people. It’s really impressive.

It’s also really fake.

The banner photo is a iStockphoto available for purchase online. Those smiling, multi-cultural people aren’t from Wisconsin and they probably aren’t Republicans either.

If you’d like a more representative look at the how “diverse” the Republican Party of Wisconsin is, here’s a video:

Yep, the Wisconsin Republican Party sure is a diverse bunch.


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4 thoughts on “Wisconsin GOP shows off its “diversity”

  1. The GOP always co-opts Democratic strategies: You impeach our president; we will always find A reason to impeach yours. You support public education; we reinvent education with vouchers and charter schools. You want medicare and social security for the poor; we launch fund raising programs for MDS amd cancer. And on and on. “Attack, attack, attack, attack.”

  2. I actually heard a bunch of old racist white men complaining about this, until I pointed out it was an iStockphoto.

    They still complained because they didn’t want no ‘wetbacks’ attracted to their party.

    1. Basically what I’m trying to say is this: even if they do hypothetically do become ‘open minded and diverse’? The fact is, the Republican Party has race baited for years, and has attracted these types of people to their ideology. This isn’t saying there isn’t racist Democrats, but the fact is Republicans have went on national television and have done this nonsense on a repeated basis and allow their most extreme to speak.

      Because it’s the only thing they have left as a Party along with their religious fundamentalism since their economic policies don’t work and never have worked.

  3. I didn’t listen to the video, just watched. The female is hyper flashed twice then a pause flash.

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