Best laugh of the week

GOP State Sen. Tom Tiffany must have gotten up one morning and promptly had himself a half pound of dumbass for breakfast.

How else to explain his recent remarks regarding the Lac Courte Oreilles Harvest & Education Camp located next to Gogebic Taconite’s proposed iron mine site in the Penokee Hills? From the report:

From what I’ve heard — I haven’t been there — there’s environmental damage being done with them building roads and trails. They’re interfering with other people’s ability to use the forest,” Tiffany said. “They’re destroying the very environment they claim they want to preserve.”

Tiffany hasn’t been to the camp but he’s been told things. By whom? Who’s your source, Tom, Bill Williams?

A dozen or so tribal members and their friends making camp in the woods are destroying the very environment they want to preserve? But what could become the largest open pit iron mine in the world is just fine? You just cannot make this stuff up.

Some advice, Senator Tiffany: the next time you’re mulling over what to have for breakfast, try the bacon and eggs.

PS. Full disclosure: my wife Shelly and I have been to the LCO Harvest & Education camp, have observed nothing even remotely like what Tiffany describes,  and are financial/material supporters of the camp.  We strongly recommend that you support the camp too.




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7 thoughts on “Best laugh of the week

  1. Tell me again, for how many thousands of years have Native Americans camped in the northwoods?

  2. And those roads that have caused run-off damage? GTac made those and were sloppy about protecting the hillsides.

  3. Thank you, Shelly and Steve for going up to the camp. Your presence is a blessing, no matter where you go. This is an epic saga in its nascent stages. In a world where there is much to bemoan, I can at least be glad that our technology has made rapid dissemination of vital information possible. Once upon a time I had to send film down to Milwaukee Journal on the bus. It’s a good thing we have digital photography, the Internet, and soldiers in the good fight, because we sure don’t have buses any more. It is our job to make this a cause celebre. Well, half of our job. The other half is managing that leverage in a good way. Mino bimaadiziwin (live the good life). We recruit through attraction, not deception. Who wouldn’t want the life of Shelly Galloway and Steve Carlson? I sure admire you two.

    1. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Tiffany must have seen the pictures of the damage from the drilling crew, and in his dazed and confused state of mine he thinks that the people at the Harvest Camp did that. Am I interpreting his syntax correctly, or not?

  4. Jim,

    You’re a tad effusive with your praise this afternoon. We just went up for some burgers and brats. Our presence would have been an even greater blessing had we taken some ketchup. 🙂

  5. All jest aside, the work of the various tribal leaders/members and their allies who are anchoring the camp is what’s impressive and a blessing. We all owe them a great big chi megwitch.

  6. Heard that some folks in his district have taken to calling him Senator Penokeeo. I’m just sayin’…pretty soon he will be able to use his nose to drill for ore samples.

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