Oh where oh where is the DPW’s Communications Director?

On May 18, news broke that Graeme Zielinski had resigned his position in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Zielinski’s resignation came two months after he lost his job as party spokesman, and at the time Zielinski said he would be busying himself with an “exciting writing project.”

Fast forward nearly two months, and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin still has not chosen a Communications Director to replace Zielinski. According to the DPW’s “Job Postings” page, cover letters and resumes from interested parties were due to the DPW by June 14.

While I’m certainly curious to know who the Democratic Party of Wisconsin chooses as its new Communications Director, I’m more curious to know when the DPW will finally bring someone on board to communicate its message. While there may not be a sense of urgency within the DPW to bring a new Communications Director onboard any time soon, given that we’re between elections, I’m of the mindset that the DPW can’t afford to sit idly by at a time when it could (should) be communicating what the party stands for leading up to the critical 2014 elections.


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6 thoughts on “Oh where oh where is the DPW’s Communications Director?

  1. Hopefully they’re giving it considerable thought, but I’m of the opinion that whomever is on the Democratic selection committee doesn’t know what a good communications manager is nor what one is worth. In which case they wouldn’t even know how to negotiate with such a person.

  2. Kinda ironic you were all Aboard the mike tate train!
    Too bad we have to wait for those 72 county conference calls until next time
    He is up for election.

    1. “He is up for election.”

      He WAS up for election…he won re-election pretty easily.

  3. I sent them a couple of suggestions after Graeme resigned.

    I don’t think they should dawdle in selecting a new Comm Director…the new person will need to some time to get up to speed and we need everyone ready to go for 2014.

    1. Agreed. I’d rather not see them delay, because they really need to start messaging now, even if they don’t have a preferred candidate to run against Walker.

  4. Room for you in the “Big Tent,” under the DLC, the DNC or the DCCC or any other alphabet distractions out there, “OFA,” (Obomba’s Financial Advisers)?

    Glad to finally see even some minor criticism of the nationally affiliated DPW, and I’ll ask again, why is anyone supporting or even concerned about the DPW? If they had the gumption to break with the the national, “Dems,” we would have an actual chance at returning to small “d,” democracy in the state. People, labor and human rights, anyone.

    A Daily Page at the DPW site that repeats the news once a week, tweets about what’s happened with nothing about what is going to be done. Neo-liberal barf in a bag, to put it politely. I am surprised that DPW isn’t posting DOW reports for all of us little people to show us how well the economy is doing.

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