Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer: Paul Ryan lacks integrity

After the recent defeat of the Farm Bill in the House of Representatives, Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota expressed his disappointment in Rep. Paul Ryan, Chair of the House Budget Committee, for opposing the farm bill.

Cramer said farm bill opposition from Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., a budget hawk, was especially disappointing because the bill would have met Ryan’s 10-year budgetary goals, which Cramer said “pretended that Obama didn’t win the election.”

“Paul has a greater responsibility,” Cramer said, explaining his disappointment. “He’s the chair of the Budget Committee.”

Two days later Rep. Cramer continued his criticism of Rep. Ryan, noting he felt “let down” because some Republican members of the House won their amendments to the Farm Bill, but still did not support the bill on final passage.

“I’m very frustrated that we had chairmen — and others, frankly, but especially chairmen — who offer amendments, pass amendments and then vote against the bill,” Cramer told Roll Call, a Washington daily newspaper that covers Capitol Hill. “I think that lacks integrity; that lacks legislative integrity. We don’t have a recognition by some people in the conference that our majority isn’t big enough to have purity. … To bypass a real reform opportunity for lack of purity really lets the Democrats control the agenda, that was really my point.”

Cramer said Republicans — especially committee chairmen — who voted against the farm bill are “jeopardizing the whole majority,” Politico, another Washington newspaper, reported.

Maybe Paul Ryan should try kissing and making up with Kevin Cramer.


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