Scott Walker ain’t brown-bagging it anymore!

Yeah, it’s safe to say Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has given up on driving around a ten year-old Saturn and bringing brown bag lunches to work.

Wisconsinites have gotten precious little information about the travels of Gov. Scott Walker. We know from second-hand sources that he’s constantly crisscrossing the country as he sets up a run for president in 2016 (and, oh yeah, get re-elected governor in 2014).

And that’s all that we knew. Until now.

Walker’s just-released 1,695-page campaign finance report reveals a bit more about Walker’s life on the road.

And I’ve got to tell you: Scott Walker spared no expense while he raised $3 million in the past six months.

I doubt that Walker wants Wisconsinites to know that their “brown bag” governor, the son of a minister, has racked up more than $120,000 on private planes in the first six months of this year. Or that his campaign has paid for a handful of golf trips at exclusive resorts around the country. Or that his campaign footed a $35 meal (or something) at what appears to be a Hooters in West Palm Beach, Fla.

$120,000 on private jets? That’s a heck of a lot of money to spend flying around the country, and it shows that the notion that Scott Walker is fiscally frugal is an absolute farce.

This is a guy who has spent his entire adult life enriching himself at the expense of taxpayers, from the Harley in his garage to the granite countertops in his home’s custom kitchen, and this latest news of his profligate spending on travel is just another example of how Scott Walker’s rhetoric and reality don’t match up.


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9 thoughts on “Scott Walker ain’t brown-bagging it anymore!

  1. Yet all the golf outings and vacations the President is okay with you. Talk about double standards.

    1. Micah, try to stay focused; I’m talking about Scott Walker.

      Remember, Walker campaigned for governor in 2010 as an “ordinary guy” who drove a 10 year-old Saturn to work and who ate a brown bag lunch at his desk. Walker’s $120,000 in private jet travel (among other expenses) kinda flies in the face of his self-perpetuated myth as being fiscally frugal.

      1. I’m just wondering why you are only talking about Scott Walker? Why not include President Obama in the post? If you feel Walker is abusing his position I would think you would feel the same about the President.

      2. If you are going to talk about elected officials “abusing” their position I think you should be fair and include the President. Just because he didn’t campaign on a brown bag idea doesn’t make him exempt form this abuse and waist. But, since you support the President and not Walker you only choose to talk about walker. What I call a double standard.

        1. I don’t think it’s fair because this is false equivalency. You want to know why?

          It’s because Scott Walker’s whole brownbag campaign was about him being a fiscal and responsible conservative. He has not shown none of that in his actions but wasteful spending and crippling his opponents.

          While I have criticisms over Obama and his broken promises, he never did his campaign around that. His campaign was ‘Change’ and ‘Forward’.

          Therefore, your false concern is garbage.

  2. We all know Scott Walker hates Wisconsin and is using it for a stepping stone for his foul dirty boots. The question is, how has he gotten so many others to hate the State as well? Or if not him…what?

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