The Stella Report

If there’s anyone out there writing more consistently or in greater detail than Tony Stella about the shenanigans going on between Gogebic Taconite,  Iron County and the state GOP, I’d love to hear who it is. Check out his latest offering about who wrote the mining bill.



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2 thoughts on “The Stella Report

  1. I’d like to note that if there’s anyone writing more consistently about what’s going on up north than Tony Stella it would be the guy behind this blog:

    My apologies to Woodsperson. He appears to have been at this longer than Stella, and also appears to have been the site for Stella’s opinions prior to the launch of the Stella Report.

    Well done, both of you!

  2. I own 40 acres on Moore Park Road. I recently applied for the mineral rights to my property in accordance with Dave Traczyck’s instructions that were posted on the internet. Will I be notified if I actually obtain the rights or how will I know the status of my request? Is it a complicated process or is it just a matter of applying for the rights?

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