What Can We Learn From The Egyptian Arab Spring?

First, never never trust a radical party when they say they won’t run candidates for the legislature and then do, and say they won’t run a candidate for president and then do, and then run a campaign of moderation and win…and then they implement their radical agenda ignoring the majority of the people. Sound familiar?

Second, when you are a candidate with a radical agenda but run on a particular platform and then get elected by 51%…that’s not a plebiscite allowing you to impose your radical agenda (an agenda that you did not run on) on the general population.

Lastly, as an electorate, never never never give up your legislature’s right to impeach elected officials and NEVER NEVER NEVER relinquish your personal right to RECALL an elected official.

Luckily for Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin has a history of peaceful protests and an electorate accepting of the whims of democracy…and that we don’t have a military that isn’t subservient to the civilian leadership or has a personal stake in how the local government is run…without those civic restraints the Winter of Discontent 2011 could have had far more serious implications than some trampled sod and noisy crowds in the State Capitol.


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