Billboard encourages Milwaukee Ald. Bob Donovan to run for Mayor

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, some friends of Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan have created a billboard and website urging the south side alderman – and noted publicity whore – to run for for Mayor against incumbent Tom Barrett.

The billboard is located at N. 61st St. and W. Blue Mound Blvd. The billboard says, “Bob Donovan, Run for Mayor, Before It’s Too Late…”

The website is called, The billboard was first reported by

For the record, I’d love to see Ald. Donovan finally get up the courage to run for mayor, instead of simply lobbing insults at the mayor like a coward.

Besides, it would be loads of fun to hear Ald. Donovan explain the 1992 citation he was issued by police for disorderly conduct, as well as his statement that he “had frequented the Mitchell Hall restroom for years for the purpose of either watching men masturbate…”

Here’s an image of the billboard encouraging Ald. Donovan to run for Mayor.

Donovan billboard

If Ald. Donovan did actually get up the nerve to run against Tom Barrett in the next mayoral election, I’d bet cash money he wouldn’t get more than 22 percent of the vote.


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7 thoughts on “Billboard encourages Milwaukee Ald. Bob Donovan to run for Mayor

  1. I am ready for a serious challenger to Barrett, I think he is an affable guy and a decent person and totally wrong for this city. I won’t vote for him ever again, for any position. The problem is I think he needs a challenge from the left, not this guy. I read the Donovan “10-point plan for Milwaukee” and the first 6 points seem pretty rational and common sense. Then he starts talking about police state surveillance cameras and institutionalized orphanages. I couldn’t care less who watches whom masturbate or any other sex act between consenting, competent adults and focusing on that when they guy has published policies that deserve attacking instead seems silly.

    1. Bobby D wouldn’t last 5 minutes as a serious, city-wide candidate. He has no clue how the city budget works in terms of where they get funding from, has no idea what any department does outside of law enforcement, fire fighting and street repair, and when he’d slip and start ranting about the “darkies”, you could close the book on him. 22 percent is a high estimate, even assuming a lot of the left-over 60+something white retirees vote (oh wait, they’ll all be gone after residency is banished. D’OH!).

      See, the real world ain’t WTMJ’s daytime programming. And while Milwaukee is a whole lot different from what it was 40 years ago, Donovan still wants to use 1970s solutions that have no concept of quality of life. I don’t mind moving on from Barrett in 2016 for a change (though Tom’s done a pretty damn good job given how the leggies in Madison have totally tied his hands), but to even consider Bob Donovan as a successor is a joke.

      Now Nik Kovac? That’s a current alderman that would be the real deal.

  2. He’d have what’s left alive of the south side white bigot vote. The contingent that sees a minority oppressing police state as the only valuable public service that can be provided. You know, urban teabaggers.

  3. Bob Donovan would probably be able to win over the urban teabagger vote, but that’s about it. Tom Barrett is probably the most conservative person who will ever hold the office of Mayor of Milwaukee.

    1. John Norquist was fiscally conservative. He may have been more progressive on transit and social issues, but he was most definitely more conservative on fiscal issues. Norquist consistently reduced the property tax rate every year he was mayor and he also kept city budgets from growing beyond the rate of inflation.

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