3 thoughts on “Ed Schultz to return to MSNBC’s weeknight lineup

  1. Thanks Zach, I cut the cable TV cord with Time Warner back in February.

    IMHO, the threesome of Lawrence, Ed, and even Maddow “took turns” being “liberal.” On occasion each of the three could/would produce some great reporting. But, over the long haul, I saw way too much protection of Obama and the Democrats on issues where they were in lock step with the oligarchs. In the 2012 Presidential campaign, the only issue on which I saw any real daylight between Romney and Obama was voting rights. That’s an important issue, but once I trusted Nate Silver’s polling, that Wisconsin would fall for Obama, I voted for the green candidate, Jill Stein.

    General Electric owns NBC/MSNBC so I don’t expect much to change. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. I wish Wisconsin Dems had someone representing or leading us as “bombastic” as is Ed.

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