Former MKE voucher school operator court-ordered to pay back $300,000 in taxpayer funds

Remember now….voucher schools are the answer to all that ails our state’s education system!

A Milwaukee County judge has ordered the operator of a defunct private voucher school to repay about $300,000 in taxpayer money, after the state sued him for falsifying documents and forging his college diploma to get into the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, court records show.

But Wisconsin may not be seeing that money anytime soon from Corey C. Reed Daniels, who operated the disastrous Milwaukee Institute of Academic Achievement in 2011-’12 before reports of student endangerment prompted the Department of Public Instruction to terminate it from the choice program.

Process servers were unable to find Daniels, 41, to serve him with the summons and complaint in early 2013.

He has no lawyer on record and has not answered phone calls.

A DPI spokesperson said Thursday that Daniels is now on a disqualified persons list for operating voucher schools.

His institute, which enrolled between 100 and 180 students in kindergarten through eighth grade at 4920 N. Sherman Blvd., is not the first private voucher school to get shut down by the state. But it remains one of the most recent examples of how quickly an operator — given the right circumstances — could start a private school, enroll students and receive hundreds of thousands of public dollars before being cut off after allegations of impropriety.

Voucher schools are a terrible waste of taxpayer funds, and they don’t really provide a better education than our public school systems.

The Republican expansion of voucher schools here in Wisconsin will undoubtedly lead to more instances of taxpayer funds being wasted or outright stolen, because the story I shared above certainly isn’t the first example of a voucher school operator misusing taxpayer dollars.


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3 thoughts on “Former MKE voucher school operator court-ordered to pay back $300,000 in taxpayer funds

  1. Thanks Zach.

    What a joke.

    “Forged a college diploma, a requirement of the state for teachers in voucher schools. Daniels submitted a diploma-looking document that said he received a “bachelor of business administration” in 1993 from “MBTI,” written out long-form as the Business Training Institute.”

    Someone was helping this guy. Reasonable people can disagree about whether it was drug gangs, the GOP, or both. He didn’t have the smarts to pull this off.

  2. The most concerning thing about this revelation is that it is a revelation. Where is the transparency in all these attempts to monetize the public school system?
    The next question is: what will private educators have to do to get a license to open a charter school or to take student vouchers if they have a private school?

  3. Who would have thought the voucher program had higher standards than the voters for the highest office in Wisconsin? If i understand this situation correctly, the operator of a voucher school needs a college diploma. Hmm. Guess that means our governor, Scooter Walker, can’t open a voucher school.

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