Molly McGartland: parents of murder suspects “infected” society with their offspring

Via Facebook comes this gem from Molly McGartland, who has twice run and lost for the State Assembly seat currently held by Democrat Chris Sinicki.

Molly McGartland - infected

As reprehensible as McGartland’s use of the word “infected” is, she later defended her use of the word “infected,” arguing that her use of the word “infected” was “spot on” when referring to the problem of parents raising soulless children.

My use of the word infected is spot on in this instance and was referring to the problem of parents raising soulless children who then infect our society. It is the problem of young people not having an inkling or concept of the value of human life because their parents didn’t teach them, and it is a disease.

Obviously there’s a lot to find fault with in Molly McGartland’s statements, and I’ll just let you digest her statements for yourself.

However, I will say that I find it sad and frustrating that Molly McGartland seems to think she’s fit to pass judgment on individuals that she doesn’t know and hasn’t seen “in action” as parents.


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