14 thoughts on “Now here’s an idea!

  1. Good idea.

    Today is the start of Veterans for Peace national convention in Madison.

    Republicans need to be taught what democracy is.

  2. Sorry but you cannot teach democracy to a Koched-up tea head. Democracy is just something to be bought and sold on their so called “Free Market”

  3. That is not a winning hand…and this isn’t necessarily the best point to engage the Walker administration.

    1. Ed, I don’t disagree but it is no worse than a series of pointless press releases on Facebook attacking Scott Walker without offering substantive proposals or even new information most of the time. The Democrats right now are spending a lot of time preaching to the ever-shrinking choir and spinning their wheels. I hear a lot of despondency because the Democrats aren’t DOING anything and while the tactics available aren’t ideal, they need to be working to make themselves seem relevant.

      1. Paul,

        I agree with your first couple of sentences. That said, I think the singers should go home and the democrats should start talking about something other than what an asshole Scott Walker is.

      1. Duane 12,

        What we actually have here is a manufactured drama of little to no consequence in the real world. Imbue it with false gravitas if you must but keep this in mind: before the Lac Courte Oreilles Harvest and Education Camp organizers decided to defend the water, air and land in the Penokee Hills, they requested a permit.

        The solidarity singalong bunch should do the same. If they’re denied a permit based on the content of their grievances I’ll drive to Madison, lock arms with them, and then take whatever comes.

        In the meantime I think they should either get a permit or go home.

  4. I approve and will forward this suggestion to my legislators , Chris Danou and Kathleen Vinehout, for their consideration.

    Sing, Solidarity Singers, sing on!

  5. They’re the leading edge of opposition to Walker. They’re non-violent and getting media attention. GOP can’t pay anyone to counter.

    My guess is that they’re a net positive for Dems in defeating Walker.

  6. IMHO individual Dems will have to weigh how their GOP opponents will try to exploit those photos. If Dems can make it about their defense of First Amendment rights, in addition to anti-Walker, I think it’s a sound strategy.

    In districts where the GOP can use the photos to paint them as pot-smoking, hippies, it will probably hurt.

    FWIW, on Twitter I’ve seen big arguments among feminists/Occupy/Activists about the effectiveness of Code Pink.

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