Scott Suder’s sweetheart budget deal for group affiliated with his former chief of staff & donors

Talk about a sweetheart deal…

A $500,000 sportsmen’s grant slipped into the state budget earlier this summer is set to go to a group with ties to Republican insiders that has praised GOP politicians and lobbied for legislation such as lowering regulations on iron mining and development in wetlands.

The United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Foundation Inc., a group formed in January with no record of its own in outdoors training, is the only applicant for the scantly noticed two-year grant to promote hunting, fishing and trapping in Wisconsin that is being reviewed Thursday by a special panel.

As noted in the Journal Sentinel’s report, the provision in question was slipped into the biennial budget by outgoing Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) and Rep. Dan LeMahieu (R-Cascade), and the group has ties to donors, lobbyists, and a former lawmaker who all have strong ties to Rep. Suder, not to mention his former chief of staff. What’s more, the Journal Sentinel report noted the board members of United Sportsmen and their family members contributed $2,500 to Suder last year.

But remember folks…Republicans are “fiscally responsible” and really concerned about clean government.


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2 thoughts on “Scott Suder’s sweetheart budget deal for group affiliated with his former chief of staff & donors

  1. It’s been a good month for payoffs; earlier it was Archer, now USWF Inc(In cahoots) and there is still five days left in the month. What next? Take up a collection for Walker’s old buddy, Russell, for a new trial?

  2. Zach,
    This is way worse than a sweetheart deal, this is a grant shoveling taxpayer dollars to a GOP campaign front group. They were formed during the recalls to produce campaign ads. They have a staff of campaign activists and NO MEMBERSHIP! And most of this half million taxpayer dollars – every two years! – will go to pay salaries! THIS IS CORRUPTION! Using your taxes for political campaign purposes. Even teabaggers should be outraged, along with every sportsman in the state and anyone who cares about public integrity.

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