Scott Walker has serious problems abiding by Wisconsin campaign finance laws

What’s that you say? Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign has failed to report legally required campaign finance information over 7,500 times? That’s unpossible!!!

Gov. Scott Walker’s latest campaign finance filing fails to disclose employment information, as required by state law, for 240 large contributions, according to an analysis by One Wisconsin Now. Going back to 2009, when Walker began his run for Governor in earnest, his reports have failed to disclose legally required employer information for 7,512 big money donors giving over $100 totaling $2,330,197.98 in contributions.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “We’re not just talking about one instance of sloppy bookkeeping here. Gov. Walker has a long and well-established pattern of complete and utter contempt for following the law when it comes to disclosing the required information about the big money givers footing the bill for him to pursue his political ambitions.”

Wisconsin State Statute section 11.06(1)(b) requires candidates and officeholders to disclose the occupation and name and address of the place of employment for any contributor who contributes in excess of $100 to a campaign in a calendar year.

In response to Gov. Walker’s most recent violations of Wisconsin State Statute, violations which are part of a clear pattern on the part of his gubernatorial campaign, One Wisconsin Now has filed a complaint with the state Government Accountability Board.


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