Aide to Senator Leah Vukmir chases & pushes down process server

Forget about supposed “union thugs;” here’s an example of a “Republican Senate aide thug.”

A process server hired to notify state Sen. Leah Vukmir of a lawsuit says a Vukmir aide assailed him with abusive language, chased him and pushed him to the ground outside the Capitol, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

The aide, Jason Rostan, told the State Journal that he didn’t push the process server but acknowledged following him and trying to force him to take the court papers back. Rostan said the man tripped and fell while refusing to accept the paperwork.

“Looking back on it all, I should have just let it go,” said Rostan, 38, who has worked as a legislative aide for 15 years, including three for Vukmir.


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2 thoughts on “Aide to Senator Leah Vukmir chases & pushes down process server

  1. Reading the article, I am more disturbed that the Wisconsin Department of Justice told them to not accept being served the court documents. Ummmm… that is just childish and as much as people try to not accept them you really need to.

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