Another Reason Why Obamacare Won’t Be A Trainwreck

Because the aristocracy of the health care infrastructure is soundly behind it!

From the New York Times:

Those efforts (of the Obama Administration) will eventually be augmented by a Madison Avenue-style advertising campaign by insurance companies, which officials say are poised to spend $1 billion or more to attract millions of new customers. Some of the ads are likely to be aimed at young people, many of whom are uninsured but healthy — and great for the insurance companies’ bottom line.

From Walgreens:

As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), beginning January 1, 2014, most Americans must have health insurance. The ACA provides everyone with access to affordable coverage, regardless of medical history or ability to pay. Now you can go online, shop and compare the health insurance plans available to you.

From CVS Caremark:

In an effort to fill the information gap, CVS Caremark will roll out a company-wide information and outreach program to help customers gain access to critical health insurance marketplace information, including retail events and brochure displays at its more than 7,400 retail stores and 650 MinuteClinic locations. Information will also be available online at

From the Pharmacy Times:

CVS Caremark and Walgreens each recently announced plans to inform customers about their options for getting health insurance through exchanges established by the health care reform law.

In addition, CVS may invite “navigators,” who are trained by the government to help patients pick a suitable insurance plan, into their stores to help customers. A navigator or other health insurance expert might be positioned near the pharmacy counter and be available to advise patients in need of insurance. “Most people without insurance today still fill at least 1 prescription during the year, and many are in our stores several times a month,” said Foulkes. “Our pharmacists can spot customers who are paying for medicines with cash and help them find information about insurance available through the exchanges.”

Walgreens, on the other hand, has partnered with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association to launch a campaign to inform customers about their options under the ACA. The keystone of the campaign is a website,, which explains how consumers are affected by the law, provides information on subsidies to purchase insurance, describes the workings of the individual mandate, and offers a primer on how the health exchanges will function. In addition, informational brochures will be distributed at almost all Walgreens pharmacies.


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8 thoughts on “Another Reason Why Obamacare Won’t Be A Trainwreck

  1. My, “shared responsibility payment,” of $95 will be tough to come up with, and the amounts that I would have to come up with for premiums, not counting deductibles or even figuring in meds if I would ever need them and with no ACA dental coverage available, figured into any of this yet, has me choosing the wait and see method because I really dont’t have any affordable options under the ACA plan. So much for choices.

    Universal Health CARE

  2. “… not counting deductibles or even figuring in meds if I would ever need them and with no ACA dental coverage available…”

    And if you have no insurance you also don’t have coverage for meds or dental with a 100% deductible 24/7/365 for medical…yes?

    1. Please, just say what you seem are intending to imply. Still not sure of where you stand on the ACA with any of your three posts here relating to it today.

      1. Intending to imply? You are complaining about the lack of prescription and dental coverage in ACA…I am simply saying you don’t have those now if you are not insured…or are you upset that ACA doesn’t include those items?

        And since when do I have to take a position in my posts?

        1. You are complaining about the lack of prescription and dental coverage in ACA..

          No I’m not actually. I am stating that premiums, even with gov subsidies, represent cash that has to come from somewhere in an already tight budget. Housing, heat, food, auto (to continue to work) or my dentist which I have been able to cover so far. Take your pick on what one should do without to make premium payments or be criminalized for choosing if they are already on the edge.

          And since when do I have to take a position in my posts?

          I made a statement, no question or demand was made.

          As to my comment @ 3:59pm where I was sensing some implication coming down the line by responding, this comment from another blog should explain what I was anticipating might have been in the offing…

          I am hard-pressed to imagine how Obama’s legions might support him in this fix.

          Will they claim that Obama did not lie … or did not know he did?

          Will they say that lies, sometimes, in certain cases, are fully justified, for the greater good?

          Or, will they simply ignore the truth, quite clear before them, and accuse us of making “the perfect the enema of the good” … of being effin’ retards and stupid, naive, basement dwelling, elitist slobs arrogant in our disdain of those who really, desperately, need this Obamacare … you know, the politicians (whose health care WE pay for, royally) and the private insurers whose largess those self-same politicians count upon to maintain their privileged power?

          Those many in genuine need, and indeed the majority, will little benefit from “insurance” as it is not, quite clearly, the same thing as care.

          Or, will they, Obama’s supporters say, that with all his faults, and they are legion, many admit, that Obama is still the Lesser Evil whose lies are necessary in the eleventy-leven chess match of bipartisan politics … in which, as in “love” and “war”, all things are “fair”?

          Frankly, I suspect that Jon’s revelations of today, which are not really news to those who have payed attention, will be ignored. By Obama. By the Democratic Party, and by all good Democrats and shills …

          Perhaps the silence is preferable to the vindictive wrath?

          That was comment 28 at this link…which relates to where I let Obomb’em speak for himself in the youtube above.

      2. I understand WI enrollment cost numbers are not yet out and are expected shortly.

        Find the best ACA cost calculator you can and enter age children, etc. Throw in median income for WI or higher/lower or your income. Examine the skinny coverage plans costs, (and the actual percent of medical service costs covered) and the more expensive plans. A low monthly out of pocket premium still has limits on what is covered, (not spelled out with any certainly yet), and still lists very high minimum annual out-of-pocket costs, (max $10K a year).

        Nowhere have I seen drug cost regulations set (Supreme Court is/has just ruled on no liability to drug manufacturers for harm caused by impure generic drugs), and with no regulation of hospital costs and with insurance providers are severely limiting access to the number of doctors or specialists that are going to be available to ACA “covered,” participants, with heavy cost penalties for going to doctors or needed services not part of the particular plan someone might choose.

        This whole program is nothing more than a scam to upward flow of wealth to insurance providers.

        Not surprised there is no one here defending the program.

  3. Expanding Medicare is the most sensible model but it controls costs – it’s damn good at controlling costs, actually. The insurance companies know it. Everyone knows it. So universal healthcare was never going to happen and the public option had to go. The way to look at Obamacare is as a step in the right direction. People can’t be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. More people can be covered and more cheaply than they were buying their own coverage previously. More smaller businesses have more affordable options for owners and employees. And limits are in place for how profits can be used. For low income families, $80-100 per month after substitution options (getting rid of cable, etc.) have been exhausted just may not be realistic and that’s a serious and real problem. Hopefully we will reach a place as a country within the next decade when we consistently vote for leaders who fight on our behalf for universal health care, strong pubic education, living wages, appropriate taxation of corporations and 1%-ers and all the other forces driving income inequality. And hopefully we find a way to overturn Citizens United.

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