AP corrects initial reporting indicating DPW Chair Mike Tate supports Mary Burke for governor

After their initial report indicated Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate had chosen a candidate to support in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, the Associated Press has issued a correction to their original report.

Here’s the correction.

MADISON, Wisconsin — In a story Aug. 28 about the Wisconsin governor’s race, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate was supporting former Trek executive and potential gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. Tate has not chosen a candidate to support, nor has the party.


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6 thoughts on “AP corrects initial reporting indicating DPW Chair Mike Tate supports Mary Burke for governor

  1. When Mike Tate declares his support for a “fair and open primary, based on ideas, not on money,” I will have more confidence in his claim. The group whose link is below, favors an agreed upon cap on expenditures during the primary. There may be alternatives that would ensure Democratic candidates compete on an even playing field. But, a “one horse race” in a field that has been “cleared” is not what the state, or, frankly, the Democratic Party needs.

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/183754741807081/. Also visit jebrown.org/fairprimary.

  2. Hmmm.

    Wonder if there was a deal for Tate keeping Ms. Burke out of a primary and now she’s not holding up her end?

  3. Tate has let it be known in various ways that Burke is already the likely frontrunner. One can argue the merits of such a strategy, but there is no denying what has been done with polling and other avenues to allow other contenders to know what the party prefers.

    1. Absolutely. There are some very subtle (and not so subtle) ways that the DPW has made it very clear Burke is the preferred candidate and that a primary is not wanted.

  4. Flip-flopping at the last minute is just as bad as unilateral dictums.
    Mike Tate is not the person to lead Wisconsin Democrats, and it’s not his fault, it’s ours.

  5. This entire episode supports the absolute necessity for a primary to allow self-announced candidates, not just those picked by others, to inform and educate the electorate as to their desire, talent and plan to restore democracy to Wisconsin.

    I know, like, and support Senator Vinehout. I first met her, a featured guest, in a lunch line several years ago during a rural electric cooperative annual meeting exchanging views with her for fifteen minutes as we advanced toward the food finish line. I have followed her, politically of course, ever since.

    I know nothing of Ms. Burke. I first heard of her earlier this year at a local political discussion or survey that mentioned her and Donald Driver as two popular candidates.

    It is only fair that Senator Vinehout, Mary Burke, Donald Driver, or whoever if they so choose, be allowed to compete on a level playing field known in politics as a primary. Equally important is that DPW and Tate be neutral!

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