Asshat of the Month

Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel outpaced all contenders and,  just as the month of September is coming to a close, won the much coveted, ( it must be much coveted with so many GOP’ers at the state and national level displaying conduct worthy of the title ) Asshat of the Month award. Congrats Ted! You’ve earned it buddy!

Here are a couple of gems from Nickel’s recent  interview with Mike Gousha.

On why the Insurance Commissioner’s office decided against any statewide advertising about the Affordable Care Act: “‘I’m the government; I’m here to sell you something.’ How many people are going to go buy it?” asked Nickel.  And: “People don’t just listen to the government,” said Nickel. “They go to people they trust; our message is go to someone you trust.” 

On why his office didn’t release any rate information about health insurance plans: ” At the end of the day, the premium is still the premium,” said Nickel. “That insurance company that they’re with is still going to get whatever that number is.”  .” 

It’s that kind of deliberately garbled and destructive partisan gibberish that put Nickel head and shoulders above the competition and thrust him across the finish line first. Thanks to Ted and his boss Scott Walker tens of thousands of Wisconsinites will likely be confused about what’s happening to their Badgercare coverage and where they go from here. Well done, Ted. You’re a true Asshat!

As an Asshat of the Month award winner Nickel will automatically receive consideration for the title of ” Douchebag of the Year. “


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11 thoughts on “Asshat of the Month

  1. Is he implying that people can trust an insurance company more than the federal government?

    No, wait… Is he implying that people can trust insurance companies, period?

    1. Danl,
      Yes, he is implying – no, more strongly than implying, he is instantiating – 1. that citizens should and do trust the private sector (insurance companies) and 2. Citizens should not and do not trust the government. It’s the old Conservative-Libertarian canard to dismantle civics and We the People. These are the same rhetorical shenanigans that situate core American values/principles within the private sector rather than the realm of government and public sector -“abstract” things like Liberty and Freedom and Happiness. Ultimately, of course, the private sector can’t be trusted with the health and well being of the citizenry. That’s the purview of the government. Every aspect of Nickel’s message is subversive and corrosive to republican-democracy. Asshat is too kind an epithet.

  2. f you were interviewing him for the position of insurance commisioner and he responded as he has during the interview you’d think “This guy has no clue what the hell he’s talking about.”.

    Oh wait. He IS the commisioner.
    Quick. Give him a pointy tinfoil hat.

  3. SC,
    Good call with the monthly award. D-bag of the year? Tough competition out there.
    Also, thank you for breaking the streak of 10 consecutive and rather lengthy PJ posts. 🙂

    1. IG,

      Was it 10? Gotta get ’em in while I can. And much is happening in the world. If it’s any consolation, I’ll be slowing down soon. 🙂

    2. I typically take it easy with posting on the weekends, so I count on PJ and the team to fill in the content gap. I for one enjoy reading what PJ writes.

  4. Steve, I have to admire how you narrowed down a full field of Wisconsin wing nuts sharing their crazy to one winner.

  5. Emma,

    We at ” Asshat of the Month ” have a very detailed and specific set of criteria that we apply to the achievements, or lack thereof, of all those who come under consideration for the award. There are many who qualify but, sadly, only one can win.

    That said, there’s certainly every possibility that Mr. Nickel could still win
    ” Dumbass of the Day ” or ” Wingnut of the Week ” but I’m not associated with either of those awards and can only recommend him informally, which I’d be happy to do. 🙂

    1. Steve, have you ever considered recognition for a group; for example, naming the Wisconsin reps who voted to deny or delay Obamacare?

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