5 thoughts on “Careful Kevin Binversie…your sexism is showing!

    1. Kevin, it’s not my fault you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile.

      And is your “defense” for calling a woman a “bitch” the “Sly did it first” defense?

  1. Of course it is, Zach. Binversie and his budwads are good at only a few things: misogony, blaming others, and playing the victim.

    Oh, and nitpicking.

  2. I, on the other hand, need to work on my spelling…misogyny. Aargh. But at least I don’t blame someone else for the error.

  3. His Facebook still says Franklin too?
    Maybe he’s off to that lucrative law career he’s been talking about since
    He was let go at Kohler co?

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