Generation Opportunity: Unhinged and Bizarre


Sid Vicious was kind of unhinged and bizarre.










Sid Dithers was king of unhinged and bizarre.


But the Koch-Head, Acid Trip, Astro-turfing Aristocracy front grouping as “Generation Opportunity” really takes the bizarre and unhinged to new and unseen heights. Welcome to the Age of Inexplicable Weirdness with the theater of the absurd in the Libertarian War for the World.

Meet Speculum Sam, the creepy Uncle Sam Clown featured in the newest Libertarian propaganda scheme aimed at college students:


That’s right, what he’s toting there is a speculum, and uh, well, he’s pretty disturbing all around. Chris Moody and Steve Benen have the story behind the million-dollar speculum Sam Ads.

A little background on the astroturfed territory of “Generation Opportunity” ~

Generation Opportunity: another Republican stealth group

You can’t learn about [Generation Opportunity President Paul T.] Conway or any of Generation Opportunity’s other leaders on its website. The site is completely anonymous, except for the name of its communications director Matthew Faraci. It lists a northern Virginia phone number and a P.O. box mailing address in Arlington, Va. Faraci previously headed communications for Americans United for Life, and before that was a spokesman for the U.S. Council on Competitiveness and for former Labor Secretary Chao. The Center for Public Integrity and blogger Kevin Bondelli have researched the group’s right-wing connections in detail.

Generation Opportunity says it is a nonpartisan, 501c4 organization. That means it is tax-exempt, and while it engages in political advocacy, it does not have to disclose its donors.

Generation Opportunity says it “operates on a strategy that combines advanced social media tactics with proven field tactics to reach Americans 18-29.” It has four Facebook pages – “Being American by GO,” “The Constitution by GO,” “Gas Prices Are Too Damn High,” and “Keep Texas Awesome” and claims a total fan base of more than 3.4 million.

But Generation Opportunity appears to be a different sort of organizing tool – one that its critics say is masquerading as a popular “nonpartisan” movement when it is in fact an effort to attract young people to a conservative ideology.

Engaging youth is a priority for the GOP. Obama thumped McCain, his Republican opponent, by a 2-1 margin with the under-30 crowd in 2008.

One poster wrote on the “Being American” Facebook wall, “I liked this page because I thought it was about American patriotism; something I thought was bipartisan. I didn’t know that, in reality, it’s just a political organization trying to further a right-wing agenda.”

Is the Libertarian Aristocracy desperate or clueless? Will America’s youth actually treat Speculum Sam and his plastic prostrate gloves seriously? I tend to think college campuses will be chuckling at the sight of Speculum Sam. With much eye rolling and shaking back and forth of the head.


College Students: Laugh off the Libertarian Lunatic Fringe

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4 thoughts on “Generation Opportunity: Unhinged and Bizarre

  1. The ad is only accurate when it’s used in the context of the shameful abortion restrictions and forced ultrasound s put in place by unhinged republicans and their anti-american ideology.

  2. When I first saw this ad this a.m. I thought it was an ad produced by Planned Parenthood or Mary Lazich’s campaign opponent. Whoever put this ad out should be careful for what they wish for. Hopefully somebody will co-opt a parody of this ad.

    1. Rich,

      Thanks for the link. Unneeded. If you believe there is something distinguishable between the radical extremism of Libertarianism and the Radical Right Wing perhaps you should engage the Anti-Government Radicals who have co-opted “Libertarian Ideals.”

      These Ads are LIbertarian brainchildren like it or not. Funded with Libertarian dark monies. LIbertarianism is rotting this nation from the top down and inside out.

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